Subject to Management approval, by submitting this form you are submitting an application to lease an apartment. The information contained in this form is sent securely. For your convenience, you may omit information you do not wish to be transmitted online, and we will contact you.

The relationship that The Franklin has with the applicant is that of Owner's Agent. The information provided in this application is submitted as an inducement to management to approve this application. By submitting this information, the applicant warrants that all of the representations and statements provided on this application are true and complete and it is understood that, if this application is approved, the information provided here will be incorporated and made part of any lease the applicant signs. False or incomplete information on this application shall be cause for rejection of this application or for termination of such a lease at the management’s discretion. By submitting this form, you give your permission to have any statements made or information provided on this application verified by a credit reporting agency or to other similar entity or by any of the landlords, mortgages, employers, or other sources indentified on this application. By submitting this form, you certify that you understand that management’s review and assessment of this application may include the aquisition of your criminal history record, if any. By submitting this form, you give The Franklin permission to acquire such information, solely for the purpose of reviewing and assessing this application.